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Pier Village is a mixed-use community located in Long Branch, New Jersey along the New Jersey coastline.  Home to Festival Plaza, this location regularly hosts seasonal events such as concerts, fairs, ice skating and more.  The first story of Pier Village is comprised of restaurants, lounges, retail shops, etc. while the upper floors are made up of luxury Apartments.  Along with all these different amenities and neighborhood features include two parking garages and multiple on street parking areas.

Through the use of a T.I.B.A. Parking Access and Revenue Control System, parking management and ownership are able to meet the various needs and demands of this complex customer demographic while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, control and accountability. 

Transient parkers use the garage by taking an “intelligent” barcode ticket when they pull into the entrance lane.  This ticket is also later used to exit the facility.  Customers at this site have various methods for payment when exiting including automated pay-stations; strategically located throughout the facility, exit lanes; which utilize credit cards and through a centralized cashiered point-of-sale system.  Parkers can also have the ability to purchase monthly residential and/or commuter packages, utilizing proximity cards to enter and exit designated parking areas. 


Site Overview:

Transient, monthly and event parking

 Fully Automated PARCS System consisting of:

(2) Transient/Monthly Parking Garages

(1) Monthly only Surface Lot

System Overview:

(8) Fully Automated Vehicular Lanes

(2) Fully Automated PayStation Kiosk w/ the ability to accept Cash and Credit Cards

(1) Point of Sale Terminal

(1) Integrated Intercom System with Call Forwarding Capabilities

(1) System Wide Validation System

(1) Dynamic Rate Signage

(1) Integrated Car Count System

(1) Cloud Based Enterprise Level Management Application

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