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Princeton, NJ


Palmer Square is a mixed-use community located in the heart & center of historical Princeton, New Jersey, with exclusive private townhome residences, the world-famous Nassau Inn Hotel, and numerous upscale retail stores & restaurants. The Chambers Street & Hulfish Parking Garages accommodate all the different types of parkers that live and visit the bustling Towne Center. The garages consist of 11 lanes of TIBA equipment with multiple Pay on Foot Machines conveniently located throughout the complex for the customers to use, allowing them to exit both garages swiftly.


Site Overview:

Transient, monthly and event parking

 Fully Automated PARCS System consisting of:

(2) Transient/Monthly Parking Garages

(1) Hotel Integration Software Module

System Overview:

(10) Fully Automated Vehicular Lanes

(6) Fully Automated PayStation Kiosk w/ the ability to accept Cash and Credit Cards

(1) Integrated Intercom System with Call Forwarding Capabilities

(1) Smart Park – Facility Management Software

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