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Target Skyline in Falls Church, VA, is one of the most extensive Target Facilities in the United States.

Recently converted from a large movie theater, this bustling department store complex accommodates a mixed-use of transient and monthly/employee parkers that include store visitors and gym membership guests that utilize the adjacent gym complex. The ease of use and speed of the TIBA X60 PARCS Solution has incredible value considering the thousands of daily visitors that visit this complex.

SP+ manages this parking facility remotely via their Remote Management Services Platform for remote access and control of the facility, making it a proper Automated Parking Operation.

System Overview:

(3) Fully Automated Vehicular Entry Lanes equipped with Integrated Barcode Technology

(4) Fully Automated Credit Card Only Exit Stations w/ EMV Credit Card Terminals & NFC Readers (Apple Pay/Google Wallet.)

(1) Monthly/Employee Entry/Exit Nested Parking Area

(1) Cloud SaaS SmartPark Platform

(1) SP+ Integrated Remote Management Services – VOIP Intercoms and Cameras  

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