Why Choose Precision as your Facilities Maintenance Provider?

  •  Lowest Labor Rates in the Area

  •  Professional & Courteous Staff & Technicians

  •  Quick Response Time

  •  Emergency Services 24/7, Standard, and Preventative Maintenance Service Programs

Why outsource your commercial maintenance to Precision Maintenance Services? Because keeping your commercial

premise/facilities running smoothly can be a time demanding task. Let Precision Maintenance Services be your single go

to source for ALL of your maintenance needs. Have confidence, peace of mind, and security in knowing that we have a

dedicated Maintenance Team standing by 24/7, with years of experience, and comprehensive services offerings that will

keep all of your premises running efficiently, and looking good. There is security in knowing there is ready access to

responsive 24/7 urgent, ongoing, restorative, and preventative maintenance. We know the importance of upkeep and maintaining the value of a property while keeping costs down. We are one of the leading parking

control/access/security companies offering total facility maintenance services.


Precision Maintenance Services Offered

 • High Lift and Bucket Truck Services includes Parking Lot/Garage Building Lighting Maintenance Services,

    Ballast, Bulb and tube replacements, Inspect interior lighting, replace bulbs as needed, Holiday Lighting and

• Hydraulic Hose Repairs/Replacement Services

• Pump/Motor Replacement and Repair Services

• Air Hose/Fluid Hose Repairs/Replacement Services

• Welding Repair Services Mobile Spot/TIG/MIG

• Electrical Maintenance and Installation

• Chain Link/Decorative Fence Installation/Repairs

• Plumbing Repairs & Installation Services

• Wireless Networks and Managed Network Services

• Project Management & Custom Design Management Services


Precision Maintenance Services Clientele Industries Services including:

• Commercial, Industrial and Governmental facilities

• Parking Garages & Parking Lots

• Airports and Transportation Facilities

• Educational Institutions

• Office Buildings

• Retail Establishments

• Auto Dealerships

• Municipalities

• Parking Authorities

• Sports Venues and Stadiums

• Hospitals

• Apartment Complexes

• Real Estate Management Companies


Call 1-800-783-2565

Your Total Parking Solutions Provider for the Tri-State, Mid-Atlantic, and Eastern Pennsylvania Regions. 


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