Harbor Point, Connecticut

Harbor Point’s Gateway Garage is a brand new indoor parking facility located in Stamford, Connecticut.  Located in one of Stamford’s most dynamic neighborhoods, the garage provides services to transient, monthly and event parkers while also featuring a Juice Bar E.V. Charging Station, a car wash/detail service and direct access to the train station platform. Through the use of a T.I.B.A. Parking Access and Revenue Control System, management and ownership are able to meet the various needs and demands of the complex customer demographic while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. 


Transient parkers use the garage by taking an “intelligent” barcode ticket when they pull into the entrance lane.  This ticket is also later used to exit the facility.  Customers at this site have various methods for payment when exiting including automated pay-stations; strategically located throughout the facility, exit lanes; which utilize credit cards and through a cashiered point-of-sale system.  Parkers can also purchase monthly commuter packages, utilizing proximity cards to enter and exit the parking lot. 



System Overview:

  • Transient, monthly and event parking

  • Fully Automated PARCS System consisting of:



(4) Entry Lanes

(4) Exit Lanes

(1) Fully Automated PayStation Kiosk w/ the ability to accept Cash and Credit Cards

(1) Fully Automated PayStation Kiosk w/ the ability to accept Credit Cards only

(1) Integrated VOIP intercom system in all lanes and PayStation Kiosks

(1) Traffic signal control system in all lanes

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