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Montclair Parking Authority, New Jersey

The Township of Montclair is a richly diverse Suburban community located in Essex County, New Jersey.  Being within a short commute to New York City, the home to Montclair State University, having a rich heritage and home to a downtown comprised of many elegant shops and top rated restaurants, the Township of Montclair has truly earned the reputation as one of New Jersey’s premier destinations. With a “true” mixed use operation, the Bay Street Garage is relied on by the various office buildings, hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail shops, stores, residential areas and commuters that make up Montclair’s diverse community.  The challenge of maintaining tight revenue controls for all of these parking patrons can often be difficult but through the use of a T.I.B.A. Parking Access and Revenue Control System, we were able to design a system that successfully met the needs of these groups while maintaining a favorable customer experience.



Traditionally, a facility such as this has straight forward design parameters.  However, there were some areas of the project that required in-depth analysis. This facility needed to encompass a parking access revenue control system that could be monitored and controlled from a remote location in real-time.  Additionally, when the garage was initially built, it was retrofitted for a PARCS system which was never installed.  The PTS design team needed to modernize and restructure the infrastructure layout as well as work together with the Township of Montclair to ensure a secure and sustained network would be constructed to meet the long term needs of the system.

System Overview:


  • Transient, monthly, and event parking

  • Remotely Managed, Fully Automated PARCS System consisting of:



(1) Entry Lane

(1) Exit Lane

(1) Fully Automated PayStation Kiosk w/ the ability to accept Cash and Credit Cards

(1) Fully Automated PayStation Kiosk w/ the ability to accept Credit Cards only

(1) Phone Based Intercom System w/ Call Forwarding Capabilities

(1) Automatic Vehicle Identification System for monthly parkers (EZ-Pass)

(1) Pay-By-Phone Capabilities

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